Hello Caladium Season!


The sun is shining (sort of) and Caladium season has officially begun in our shop. Caladiums have striking colourful leaves, come in lots of different variation and are great from brightening up a spot in your home. Here’s a few tips and tricks on keeping your Caladium happy and healthy.

Caladium leaves

Sun Light

Finding a spot with the right amount of light is key. You’ll want to find yours a spot with a good amount of indirect light and they can handle a touch of direct sunlight too.


Rooms with a North facing Window – you’ll need to position your Caladium right by the window to ensure it has enough sunlight.

Rooms with an East or West Facing Window –  position your Caladium within 1-2 meters of the window and be mindful of particularly hot and sunny days. For example, during the odd heatwave you may need to pop your Caladium back further from the window.


Rooms with a South Facing Window – position your Caladium back from the window and ensure it’s not receiving direct sunlight all day.




Caladiums are thirsty, especially if they are in a spot with a good amount of indirect light. Top up with water once you notice the top layer of soil starting to become dry.



Add a balanced fertiliser to every third watering during the growing season (April – Sept)



Caladiums can grow quickly in the summer. Older leaves will often wilt away as new growth comes through. Don’t be afraid to cut off old wilting leaves as new leaves emerge.



Caladiums will die back to their bulbs in the winter. Lots of people don’t realise this is part of their natural cycle and will often throw theirs in the bin when this happens. When your Caladium dies back in the winter, take the bulbs out of the soil and put them somewhere clean and dry over winter. Replant the bulbs the following Spring and with a little patience your Caladium will sprout new leaves.

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